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Good fantasy golf team names increase the fun of a fantasy golf league. Everyone appreciates a well thought out and funny team name over something lame so we want to help you come up with the best fantasy golf name possible. We know that team names provide humor all year long when they are creative and full of personality, and since the internet never forgets it's worth doing it right! That's why we continue to do everything we can to make sure that is the place to find the best ideas and the funniest golf team names.

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We've got dirty fantasy golf team names, vulgar names, creative names, names categorized by pro golf teams, and we've even got a tagging system that enables you to find fantasy golf team names related to specific pro golf players and real world events.

You can get started by viewing all the fantasy golf names joined in one list or by using the sidebar navigation to focus on a specific pro team or type of team name.

A lot of the reason this site is so great is our readers! You all provide tons of creative team names as well as ideas for new categories of team names and ideas for improving the site. If there's a genre / list of fantasy golf team names you'd like to see and we don't have it, then tell us and we'll add it, get it started, and then make it available for everyone to expand on it. It's really that easy! You can help too. If you've got a good idea for a golf team name then go ahead and submit it! This is all about fun, and the more ideas we can share the more fun it will be! You can even get in on our naming competitions to win great prizes including cash prizes! The more funny fantasy golf team names the better!

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All Categories of fantasy golf team names


Creative fantasy golf team names are fun and can really set your fantasy golf team apart from the crowd! That is what this section is all about! Here you will find fantasy golf team name ideas that are creative. They will probably make you laugh, cry, or cringe (or all three)! All of these are a sign of a creative fantasy golf team name! Remember, no real golf team names or player names even if they are your favorite!

Current Events

Naming a fantasy golf team based on real world events is certainly one way to go. Some people actually change their team name many times during the year keeping it fresh and current. If your team name is based on a current event then this is the place to post it.

Dirty / Vulgar

The dirty / vulgar team names category is for team names that are really in your face in terms of the language and name content.


Is your idea funny? Most fantasy golf team names are so we expect to see a lot of names here. Obviously from a judging standpoint funny is a requirement to be here!

Golf Terms and Lingo

Fantasy Golf Team Names based on golf terms and lingo

HitchHikers Guide To The Glaxy

Have you read 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams? If not, get you a copy - its fun. If so then see if you can come up with a fantasy golf team name related to the book.


Fantasy Golf Team Names based on Movies


Fantasy Team Names based on Bands or Songs

Old School / Vintage

Got an oldie but goodie fantasy golf team name? Here is where it goes.


Fantasy Golf Team Names not easily categorized

Player Name Puns

Puns on player names are one of the most common types of fantasy golf team names. If you use a player's name in your fantasy team name then it probably belongs here.

Team Names For Girls

This category is limited only to fantasy golf team names that are obviously meant for the ladies running fantasy golf teams. Let's see what you come up with!


Fantasy Golf Team Names based on Television

fantasy golf Team Names by Real Life Team

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Tee Party
Less Strokes Needed
Don't Rory be Happy
Who's Your Caddy Now?
Dude, Where’s My Par?
Weapons of Grass Destruction
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